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WHCT presented Brigadoon at King Philip school in West Hartford on November 18, 19, 20 & 21, 2010.

A little about the show:
Some of the most beautiful music ever created, with songs like “Almost Like Being In Love”, “Heather On The Hill”, “Come To Me, Bend To Me”, “There But For You Go I” and, of course, “Brigadoon”.

As two American hikers explore the Scottish highlands they encounter something not on their map. They discover the lost town of Brigadoon, which resulting from a miracle from God, comes to life only for one day every century. One of the Americans, Tommy Albright, happens to fall in love with a local girl, Fiona MacLaren. The problem is that if Tommy stays in the town for more than a day, he can never return home to New York. Not trusting him emotions, Tommy returns home to his fiancée, Jane Ashton, whom he really does not want to marry. In the end, at the last minute, Tommy cancels his wedding and returns to Scotland. In another miracle, because Tommy’s love for Fiona is so great, Brigadoon returns for another brief moment to allow Tommy to enter and never return to the outside world. (Dancing in the show requires some ballet.)

Click here for a list of Brigadoon characters.


Broadway Melodies

Broadway Melodies was performed in 2010.