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In the Fall of 2009 WHCT presented Oklahoma! Rodgers & Hammerstein’s first musical collaboration is by many considered their greatest. Set in a Western frontier territory just after the turn of the century, the spirited rivalry between the local farmers and cowboys provides the colorful background for the tumultuous love story of Curly and Laurey. Some of the many well-known songs from Oklahoma! include “Surrey With the Fringe on Top,” “Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’,” and “People Will Say We’re in Love.”

Oklahoma! won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1944, and ran for 2,248 performances on Broadway. It was revolutionary for the time because it combined elements of operetta with old-style musical comedies to produce the first full-fledged musical play, where all elements contribute to character development and story line.


Curly McLaine Chris Cobb Olsen* 
Laurey Williams Katie Meagher
Will Parker Bruce La Roche
Ado Annie Catherine Joseph
Aunt Eller Kayzie Rodgers
Jud Fry S. Adam Granato
Ali Hakim Salvatore Uccello
Andrew Carnes S. Porta
Gertie Cummings Ilanna Tariff
Ike Skidmore David Coleman
Cord Elam Mitchell Hess
Fred Nick D’Agostino
Slim Lee Helwig
Chalmers Blake Randall
Mike Keith Giard
Joe Matthew Goetz
Sam Kevin Grimm
Jess Larry Sidney
Buck Rob Thornton
Dream Laurey Rebecca DeNies
Kate Rachel Oremland
Ellen Julie Levine
Vivian Karen Finnegan
Virginia Jennifer Vickers
Soloist 1 Fran Kreigenhofer
Soloist 2 Gretchen Sausville
Caitlin Becker, Molly Behan, Lisa Camargo, Joan Delaney, Ian Enders, Charlie Gfeller, Karen Finnegan, Nicole Hostettler, Fran Kreigenhofer, Julie Levine, Rachel Oremland, Wally Phelps, Brittany Thornton, Kristin Thornton, Gretchen Sausville, Alexandra van der Hulst, Nancy A. Ritter van der Hulst, Jennifer Vickers
Women: Caitlin Becker, Molly Behan, Erica Bunger, Jennifer Bunger, Emily Camargo, Lisa Camargo, Rachel Oremland, Felicia Poretsky, Brittany Thornton,  Kristin Thornton, Alexandra van der Hulst
Men: Nick D’Agostino, Keith Giard, Kevin Grimm, Lee Helwig, Mitchell Hess, Matthew Goetz, Blake Randall, Larry Sidney, Robert Thornton
Connecticut Concert Ballet Dancers:  Sara Clarke, Marie Manero, Bridget Oei, Theresa Oei, Ari Rossetti, Cassie Rudolph, Katelyn Silverwatch
Featured Dancers
Women: Erica Bunger, Jennifer Bunger, Emily Camargo, Felicia Poretsky, Brittany Thornton,  Kristin Thornton, Nancy A. Ritter van der Hulst
Men:  Nick D’Agostino, Mitchell Hess, Matthew Goetz, Robert Thornton
* appears at the courtesy of Actors Equity