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An Evening of One-Act Plays

NOTE: The one-act plays have adult themes that may not be appropriate for young children

This event has been postponed until further notice
due to the Coronavirus.

The One-Act Plays

“Mirror, Mirror”written by Betsy Maguire; directed by Patrice Fitzgerald
Poor Odette and Alannah! Their dear Daddy is dead, and now they must grapple with life’s great mysteries: Where did he hide the will, who was his favorite daughter, and who is poised to inherit his fortune? Helping them discover these truths are their world-weary husbands and a psychic medium with extraordinary gifts.

“Trailing Off” written and directed by Ken Schröeder
An ex-athlete whose skills are in decline must mend a broken relationship in this sexy romp which advocates violence as the quickest means to achieve a desired outcome. A timeless man versus man versus nature versus woman versus the audience’s morality narrative the whole family will decide best to just never discuss ever again.

“Genie in a Bud Light” written by Ashley Cowan; directed by Terry Szymanski
After losing his job, Sheldon attempts to drown a few sorrows at a nearby bar by trying his first beer. While he quickly finds that Bud Light may not be the drink for him, Sheldon meets a stranger with the power to change his luck.

“How May I Help You?” written by Joshua Prouser; directed by Dave Gorman
Becky wishes things would get better in her life. Lucky for her, making wishes come true is Shawn’s job, so he’s come to help her! But how helpful is Shawn actually going to be?

“Deck Chairs” written by Bill Arnold; directed by Terrance J. Peters
“Deck Chairs” takes place on a certain passenger ship in 1912. Though a “situation” seems to be occurring, the members of the crew continue to give only the best service on the seas. A story that becomes more relevant with every subsequent distraction and distortion in politics, “Deck Chairs” is both of its time, and a commentary of our society today.

“When in Intervention” written by Scott Stephen Kegler; directed by Kirsten Easton-Hazzaa
A family holds an intervention for their patriarch, who has a rather violent and unusual addiction. Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo!