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Call for Board Members

West Hartford Community Theater can use a few good board members!

There are two very specific skill sets we are hoping to find. So if it’s you, or you know someone who might posses them, and you or they would like to apply to be a board member, let me know!

Please note that that WHCT board is a very hard working board, and the two skills we are looking for require experience and in-depth knowledge, as well as the ability to lead the charge.

ONE: IT EXPERT – This person will be responsible for all the IT/web aspects of WHCT. The person needs to be experienced and proficient in technically administering Web sites built in WordPress and Drupal, including various plugins and their site hosting and domain management. They will also keep the website updated with current shows, upcoming shows, photos, collecting and posting testimonials, ticket sales – Everything IT.

TWO: TECH/STAGE MANAGEMENT – This person will be responsible for all the tech-related things associated with putting on a show – stage management, crew, lights, sound, sets, etc. The primary role is the organization of the tech aspects of the shows – we hire separate light design technicians, sound technicians, etc. But these aspects require strong leadership, communication, and organization.

Separately from the above, we might also have room for folks who are generally very hard working, and who have leadership ability, who can take charge of various significant projects that come up from time to time – some show-related, some governance-related. So if you don’t fit into one of the two specific categories above, but think you have something to offer, or you know someone who might, let me know!


Board President